Course Reflection

As I reflect over the last 7 weeks in this course, Integrating Technology Across Content Areas, I am excited to have discovered and learned many new multimedia tools and internet applications that infuse technology into my current curriculum, making learning experiences more real-world centered and interdisciplinary.  This in turn makes lessons more effective, collaborative, engaging, and meaningful for students.

I have appreciated the GAME (Goals, Action, Monitor, Evaluate) plan approach for life-long learning and now that I have experienced its effectiveness for myself, I am eager to take my students through the process on one of our next units of inquiry.    I am thankful that I chose to focus on student blogging for my course of action, as it has so many practical uses in the classroom as a way for students to practice communication skills, share their thoughts, and work through cognitive processes and understanding.  I had wanted to try to find a good, secure blogging site for some time, but the structure provided with the GAME model helped make this goal a reality.

Before this course, I had been working on several problem/project based learning units and have been experimenting with online collaboration tools, but through the assigned resources and class discussions, I have learned about several more tools that are available to me.  I have also been reminded that for students to be thoroughly engaged in the learning process, the activities and lessons should be focused on the learners’ interests and there should be an element of choice involved.  Having students self select their area of inquiry or culminating product promotes learner autonomy, a component of authentic instruction, where learners initiate their own learning experiences and their interests are supported as they pursue meaningful content and acquire critical thinking skills (Cennamo, Ross, & Ertmer, 2009). By merging creative thinking, authentic learning situations, and technology use into lessons, I can help students explore, understand, and apply content knowledge in meaningful ways.

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