I can’t believe it.

Well, I did it.  I tried student blogging for the first time today.  As a class, we developed our “Essential Agreements” for online publishing and talked extensively about internet safety, etiquette and thoughtful responses.  I posted a piece of poetry and asked for students to analyze and share their interpretations of it.  That was at 2:30 this afternoon and the last time I checked our weblog, my students were still discussing it.  It is now 8:30 pm and I am hoping they go to bed soon.  I have learned two valuable lessons today. First, I need to just dive in and try things and quit being such a chicken about experimenting with new technology.  My students need it.  Now.  No.  Yesterday.  Second, from now on I will substitute the term “Short Constructed Response” with “Blog”.  I will get much more enthusiastic and meaningful responses.

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2 Responses to I can’t believe it.

  1. Jodi Cain says:

    That sounds like a wonderful day of teaching! It is exciting to imagine your students at home discussing poetry into the evening. I will be doing a poetry unit in April and had not even thought about doing an online analysis. I think I will try doing a similiar blog with my class.

  2. Ben Beck says:

    I think that is the biggest problem with all of us. How many times do we, as teachers, say ” I’ve been many to try…” or ” I’ve wanted to to this for quite some time.” It is very hard to try something new. But you are right, our kids need this yesterday.

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